A “Purpose Checklist”. This is a short questionnaire regarding the nature and purpose of the ESCORENA Network for which you are Coordinator.  Please take time to study it and prepare answers before you come to the workshop in Poznan, so that you have the basis for fruitful discussions.  Please do also send us your completed checklist before the workshop.


ESCORENA Network Checklist

This Checklist can help you to outline the nature and purpose of your network. Some questions may be relevant to your situation, some may not. Please feel free to add any particular context that is missing. This Checklist could help you to start thinking about implications and/or challenges that could affect your network, as well as possible solutions.

Name/Topic of Network:




1. Purpose/Outcome


What is the desired purpose and outcome of the network?

· Does your group have a vision/purpose that you can communicate to potential members? Please write it down here.

· Are there specific desired outcomes? Please describe them.

· Are the benefits of participation measurable and visible to members and potential members? Please describe them.

· Is the outcome determined by the organizer? …by group members? …by both? How are these outcomes negotiated?

· Can any or all of the group’s purpose be accomplished online? Would that replace something offline? Or would some combination be better?


2. Target Membership

How would you describe members/participants of the network?



How many people are there in the network now? Do you have a sense of how your network could expand if there is greater interest?



· Do you want to work simply with an existing pool of participants? Or do you want to draw in new people? Where might you find potential new participants?

· Are there any subgroups in the network?  Is so, on what topics?

· Do you want your community to be public or private? If private, what and who determines eligibility?


Motivation and Interest

· How motivated are your participants to participate? What benefits would they derive?

· Is this part of their job, or in addition to their job?

· How much time would they be prepared to spend on network activities?


3. Type of Member Interactions

What kinds of interactions between network members exist now and could be fostered?

· In case you would know, how many members in your network currently know each other personally?

· Is there any exchange of information such as documents or other content?

· Are there any face-to-face meetings of network members?  If so, how often?

· Are there ongoing discussions?

· Is the network conducting any learning activities?

· Does the network itself generate any information/knowledge?  If so, where could that information be stored so that it is accessible?

· Does the network have a need for a web-based interaction space? (Remember: just putting up an online space does not guarantee anyone will come participate in it!)


4. Technological Issues

· Do network participants have Internet access available at all times; are there any limitations?

· What is the expected level of comfort and skill of the participants in using web-based systems/tools?

· Does your network already have a web-based platform for collaboration or discussion?

ESCORENA Network Purpose Checklist

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