The Institute of Natural Fibres (INF) is the only one in Poland interdisciplinary research unit with international significance, which takes care of complex researches concerning obtaining and processing natural lignocellulosic fibre raw materials such as: flax, hemp, and protein ones such as: silk, wool and so on.


ul. Wojska Polskiego 71 B,

PL60-630 Poznan, Poland


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Hotel POLONEZ ***

Al. Niepodległości 36,

61-714, Poznan, Poland

Phone: (+48-61)864-71-00, 864-72-50 (reservation); Fax.: (+48-61) 852-37-62


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Option 1: Experimental Plant of INF, Steszew and Museum of Agriculture in Szreniawa.


Option 2: Visit  the Kornik Castle


Option 3:  Sightseeing in Poznan: Old Market, the Cathedral, historical churches and sites, several museums.

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