Training materials

European Regional Workshop

Internet-based communication support for ESCORENA Thematic Knowledge Networks in Agriculture


Thematic Knowledge Networks in Agriculture

AgroWeb / Thematic Networks Typo3 Resources

· Farm Animal Welfare template - working website example

· Escorena Networks template - working demo website example

· AgroWeb National portal (Hungary) template - working demo website example


ESCORENA resources

· ESCORENA Network Portal

· AgroWeb Network

· FAO/ESCORENA European Cooperative Research Network on Flax and other Bast Plants


Typo3 General Resources

PDF tutorial download here. WMV movie watch here or browse movies here.


· How to install Typo3 instructions - Typo3 installation through Fantastico and Manual installation of Typo3 through web installer

· Typo3 administration

· How to change Typo3 themes

· Typo3 content management - creating pages, content and element types

· Password protected pages in Typo3 - creating groups and users, creating restricted pages in Typo3

· TYPO3 user management - setting up users' permissions

· Uploading and managing images in Typo3

· Typo3 hosting services with free installation of Typo3 CMS on your site.


e107 resources

· How to install e107 CMS on your website;

· How to customize your website with new e107 themes;

· How to install e107 plugins and enhance your CMS capabilities.

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