European Regional Workshop

Internet-based communication support for ESCORENA

Thematic Knowledge Networks in Agriculture


10-12 April 2008


Objective:             To define achievable goals for establishment of Internet-based knowledge sharing approaches for the ESCORENA thematic networks.


Participants:        Coordinators and Leaders of ESCORENA networks


Venue:                   Institute of Natural Fibres (INF), Poznan, Poland


Organizers:          Institute of Natural Fibres, Poznan

                                 FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, Budapest, Hungary





Day 2 – Friday 11 April


08:30                        Guests depart hotel


09:30-11:00           Working Groups Session 2:  Participants work in three groups with facilitators, with inputs from individual participants to be discussed within the groups.

Topic:  Future prospects and feasible objectives for Internet-based collaboration in ESCORENA networks.


11:00-11:30            Coffee break


11:30-12:30            Working Groups report outcomes in Plenary and Discussion


13:00                        Lunch at INF


14:00-15:30            Hands-on Internet Session


15:30-15:45            Coffee break


15:45-16:30           Plenary Crystal ball” Discussion: possible vision for establishment of Internet-based platforms for ESCORENA networks to enhance participation from experts and increase worldwide visibility.


16:30-17:30            Summary and Recommendations


Evening:                  Dinner



Day 3 – Saturday 12 April


09:30                        Study Tour: Departure from hotel

Option 1:  Experimental Factory of INF, Steszew, and Museum of                                 Agriculture in  Szreniawa.

Option 2:  Castle in Kornik  (ca 30 km from Poznan).

Option 3:  Sightseeing in Poznan: Old Market, the Cathedral, historical                         churches, sites and museums.



Agenda ESCORENA Workshop

© 2008 Jorge R. Barriga-Bedoya