Buffalo Reproduction Satellite Meeting of the ICAR 2008

The Meeting

The aims of the meeting are to promote the development of Buffalo reproduction research, to draw the attention of the scientific community and international organizations to this field and to facilitate communication among colleagues.


  We are pleased to invite you to attend this Meeting,  -- perhaps connecting, as a “post”, to the XXV Jubilee World Buiatrics Congress held July 6-11 or  as a “pre” of the ICAR  2008 held July 13-17 in Budapest, Hungary.


The Meeting is being hosted by


¨ the FAO/ESCORENA - The European System of Cooperative Research Networks in Agriculture, Budapest, Hungary.


¨ the I.B.F.International Buffalo Federation, Monterotondo, Roma, Italy.


¨ the ICAR – Local Organizer Committee.


¨ the C.R.A..(Agriculture Research Council) Animal Production Research Centre, Monterotondo, Roma, Italy.


¨ the COFA (Cooperative Artificial Fecondation), Cremona, Italy.


¨ Federico II University, DISCIZIA, Napoli, Italy



12-13 July 2008, Budapest, Hungary

The Satellite Meeting will take place on 12 (Saturday) July 2008, starting at 15:00 h) and 13 (Sunday) July 2008, starting at 09:00. Exact timing of the meeting depends on the number of registered participants and will be announced at a later time.

Date and Venue

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